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Get up and running in minutes with the Hiber3D Development Kit (HDK) built on React. Quickly create and then publish games directly to the web for seamless performance across mobile, tablet and desktop.

What is Hiber3D Development Kit (HDK)?

HDK is a Typescript library for creating web-based 3D experiences. Powered by the lightweight Hiber3D engine it is compatible across all major mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. It features built-in multiplayer, character controls, gameplay mechanics, customizable avatars and more, allowing you to create interactive 3D worlds rapidly.

Embed your creations directly on to the web and connect to the HiberWorld UGC platform of almost 6 million user created worlds!

What does the code look like?

Here is an example of a simple 3D world with a ground and a grid of skyscrapers. The world is rendered with a sunrise environment.

const World = () => (
    <Ground />
    <Grid renderItem={<SkyScraper />} />
render(<World />, { environment: 'sunrise_01' });

This is all you need to make a futuristic city!

Embedded World

Press play below to try a published world that is embedded on this site. You move around with the arrow keys and jump with the space bar. You can press K to toggle full screen.

Key features

  • Batteries included: HDK is backed with a custom engine which is fast and lightweight - under 5MB. Optimized for performance, the engine allows for quick loading on low-end devices and is designed to be the most accessible 3D engine for global use. It comes packed with features to make it easy to create great 3D experiences without having to start from scratch.
  • React library: HDK Lets you create 3D worlds using React components. If you know React, you know HDK.
  • Game Mechanics: Add collectibles, goals and checkpoints. Create your own game mechanics with sensors and event listeners using Signals.
  • Asset library: Pick from our growing library of 500+ available prefabs, create your own by composing them together or import your own external 3D assets in GLB format. Use our library of materials or use your own.
  • Display rich content: Embed images and videos and in your 3D world.
  • Effects: Create a vibrant and unique experience by adding animations, lighting and particle effects to set the right environment.
  • Multiplayer: Features network synced events and gamification systems.
  • Customizable Avatars: Integrated with Ready Player Me’s (opens in a new tab) avatar solution which supports interoperability across 10,000+ apps and games and features 100’s of customization options.
  • Link to your content: Show information panels that link to external urls, either in-line or in a separate browser tab.
  • Interconnectivity: Use portals to send users between worlds.
  • Upload and Embed: Upload your creation with one command. Hiber3D hosts it for you so you can embed it in an iframe on your own site. See Embedding (opens in a new tab)
  • Responsive UI: First class looks and game play on desktop and mobile screens.
  • Leverage an existing platform: Connect to over 6 million user created 3D worlds on the HiberWorld (opens in a new tab) platform.

Get started

Follow the Getting Started Guide

React Components

HDK includes many React components that helps you to be creative. Check them out here


Join the conversation on Discord (opens in a new tab) where we are happy to answer questions and help you get started.


Check out Examples for inspiration!