1. Installation


Quick start

The quickest way to start a project is to press the button below:

Open in StackBlitz (opens in a new tab)

Local setup

If you would rather set up a project locally on your computer, read on below.


Create a new project

In a terminal window, type:

npx create-hdk@latest

Running this command will prompt you for a project name and then create a new HDK project on your computer. We will assume you accept the suggested project name my-world.

You can also add the --empty flag to start with an empty world:

npx create-hdk@latest --empty

Navigate into your project folder

cd my-world

Install the project

npm install

The update-by-scope command is an easy way to update all @hiber3d packages to their latest version:

npx update-by-scope "@hiber3d"

Start it up

npm run dev

This will open a new browser window where you can experience the starter template world.

Have a look around - now its time to start building you own stuff!

Let's continue by learning some fundamentals.